To prevent getting locked out of your vehicle, the most important thing is to obtain a remote-control function. The last thing you need is to be caught in the rain late at night and locked out of your car while AAA takes an hour+ to save you from yourself. Nowadays, humans are busier than ever. We have daily chores, errands, activities, extracurricular including school, sports and tending to our children and pets. There are not enough hours in the day and to make our lives easier, remote controls for our cars help save us time and money on the little things.   No one should ever get locked out of their vehicle especially in the harsh conditions of winters in Stamford, Connecticut. We can ensure most things and to ensure you don’t get locked out of your vehicle, buy a remote control so you have access to your vehicle instead of manually locking your vehicle. It just makes more sense, it saves time and ultimately it protects the very asset that is your vehicle. We all have thousands of dollars invested in our cars and trucks and the last thing we need is to get locked out of them or worse, have them be susceptible to vandalizing. There are very strong precautions to take to ensure the safety and security of our vehicles and one would be to buy this product!