Having your home, apartment or business broken into or being locked out of your home, apartment or business can be frustrating, frightening. The doc lock at 24 Hour Stamford Locksmith has solutions for both. We cover a variety of other locksmith services for your home and/or apartment, including: assisting with entering a lock, lock installation, lock repairs, and more. Have a broken lock? We can either repair or install a new lock. If needed, our team of professionals can also re-key all of your locks and make your home and/or apartment a safer place to live. We want to make sure that incidents like these won’t ever happen to you again. As far as home/apartment lockouts go, if you’ve somehow been locked out, we’ll get you inside your place. We’ll complete all of our tasks with speed, precision and professionalism. With Locksmiths Pros, our home/apartment locksmiths are always at your side when you need us.