The more doors that are in a home, the more points of entry there are. To properly secure one’s home, a universal key may be the best way so that it may limit the possible damage of burglary. Instead of individually locking all of the doors, there is a way to clamp down your security by using just one key. The entire point of locks is to prevent trespassers from entering your home without previous consent or actual knowledge. The most vulnerable place in a home is either the basement or the back door near the windows.

To fully cover all of your bases, a universal key may be the most suitable option for you and your loved ones’ safety in the long-term. The more doors in a home and windows there are, the better chance of a threat occurring in your home. This is the reason to get a universal key. Just because the locks are there, the acts of criminals can still occur. To fully protect yourself, hire a locksmith and one will properly come out and inspect your home thoroughly. The entire point of this is to ensure your home is secure and safe not only for the short term but for the long term!