A keypad lock can be very efficient as well. There are numerous ways to install them but a locksmith is probably the best bet. A keypad lock allows the resident or residents to fully ensure the safety of the home and most importantly the residents. Plus, it avoids the envitable: getting locked out of your home at the most inopportune times! Similar to homeowner’s insurance, properly maintaining the infrastructure of your house results in the long-lasting of your livelihood.   No matter where you live, how many people you live with or the neighborhood in where you reside, safety and proper protection is most important. Keypad locks are very strong and durable. They can last for as long as the home is maintained properly and for as long as the homeowner takes care of the property. Even in the winter and harsh conditions in Connecticut, the keypad lock will remain intact and still work to protect your home! Everyone should hire a locksmith and feel the peace of mind knowing that the home they reside in is not only safe but secure.