Hire a locksmith!!! Every homeowner, landlord, and apartment complex should look into carrying out specific safety measures. When a new tenant moves out, there are several measures that should take place to prepare for the next tenant. For starters, the lock must be changed preferably by a locksmith. In Stamford, Connecticut, there are 24-hour locksmiths than can properly monitor these concerns. Stamford is a very prominent town in the state and safety is a concern for the residents in the community. Dead bolts are more secure than entry knobs. It allows the resident one more layer of safety than a traditional door lock. Protecting the home should be a top priority for everyone. Besides the threat of trespassers and robberies, there are natural disasters that could impact a home. There are threats that occur every single day and the precautions that people can take are very real. As residents in the community of Stamford, we must protect our livelihoods and hire locksmiths. They will be the ultimate reasons in why we are able to live without fear of break ins and terror. A very real occurrence can take place if not for them. Safety is every reason to hire a locksmith no matter how safe you believe you are. We are all susceptible to unnecessary crimes.